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  • Proven, high-margin, repeat purchase product

  • Innovative overeating solution will energize and differentiate your weight management set

  • Incremental purchase—complements other diet aids & meal replacements—to expand category

WHY MEALENDERS For Your Shoppers

  • On-Trend

    Shift away from fad diets toward sustainable healthy habits.

  • Convenient and easy to use

    Fits easily into existing routines.

  • Tasty

    Removes deprivation from weight management experience.

  • Flexible

    Works any time of day for any eating challenge with just about any diet.

  • Science Based

    In contrast to a category notorious for unfounded claims, MealEnders are supported by a clinical study conducted at a top university

  • Safe

    All food ingredients; no drugs or stimulants found in other weight control products.

CUSTOMERS Love MealEnders

  • The Answer

    I love sweets and also am constantly having to watch my weight. Mealenders are the answer to my problem. I eat one after lunch and dinner and the cravings end.

    Annie E.

  • Delicious Way to Curb Your Appetite

    I got three bags of lozenges: mocha, cinnamon and chocolate mint. They all taste really good which surprised me because I thought they might have a weird after taste or be chalky or medicinal. Thank god no. And they do help stave away that craving for sweets after dinner. I like that you can throw them in your purse or pocket so you can take them anytime or anywhere when temptation sneaks up on you. :)

    Cathy R.

  • Save Me Hundreds of Late Night Calories

    I have had a problem with wandering into the kitchen and grabbing snacks to eat ON MY WAY TO BED late at night! The Mealenders have been awesome in eliminating that behavior. I have a container by my recliner in the living room and I just pop a candy in my mouth and go straight upstairs. It eliminates the cravings to eat more.

    JoAnn R.

  • Great Product!

    I have not quite figured out exactly how this little lozenge works but it does! This may sound silly but I can liken it to brushing your teeth - You eat one and you don't want to eat anything else because the lozenge flavor lingers in your mouth. I have my meal and still want something else to nosh on so I pop a lozenge in. 30 minutes later, I realize that I have forgotten that I wanted something to eat but now the need is no longer there. It’s really great. Thank you for you making them!

    Naena R.

  • Who can ask for more?

    I have been using MealEnders for a few months and I have cut my sugar intake by over 50%. They taste great and they work. Who can ask for more? I love them.

    Christine C.

  • Mealenders Really Really Work

    I'm a skeptical guy. How could an appetite suppression product without stimulants work to curb my voracious appetite? Well, it does. I ordered my second batch of MealEnders. Looking forward to trying the new Mocha flavor.

    Joel N.

*Individual Results May Vary