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Success Story: Changing Eating Habits*

How Trinity Helped Herself and Her Family Develop Better Dessert Practices

By MealEnders
August 12, 2016

Like many of us, Trinity struggled with knowing when to stop eating. She would eat off her kids’ plates and immediately start thinking about dessert after dinner. At social events and special occasions, Trinity’s weakness was the dessert table. One glance at it would be enough to derail her diet. Two cookies would turn into four, or even six, inducing guilt and regret. It’s a familiar feeling: “When it tastes good, I want to keep going.”  Being an emotional eater, Trinity turned to sweets for comfort, but soon enough, this stress
-reducer turned into stress-inducer.

Once Trinity found MealEnders, her overeating and dessert cravings were put to rest.  Each lozenge provides a little sweet treat that won’t ruin her diet and a tingling signal that tells Trinity, “You’re done eating and you’re satisfied.”* She loves that MealEnders are a tool to help her stay on track, instead of depriving her from eating, “which doesn’t work when you’re around food.” Now when she’s in a social setting, Trinity can be in the moment without fear of compromising her diet.

Her favorite aspect of MealEnders, though, is that her whole family, kids included, can use them. Like Trinity, her family “can’t put the brakes on eating,” so together, they’re turning to MealEnders, for their “dessert” fix instead of ice cream or cake (remember, her kids know MealEnders as a tingling candy, NOT as a weight management tool). Since her kids learned their dessert habits from Trinity and her husband, she is teaching them better eating practices, particularly around sweets. “It’s a nice way for them to gain control and still feel like they got dessert.” The family is embracing the switch since the variety of MealEnders flavors lets them have a choice when picking their sweet treats, even though Trinity reveals that Citrus is her go-to choice.

“Before I had MealEnders, I always had dessert after dinner,” but now, MealEnders give Trinity the control she needs to make better choices. “[Using MealEnders] is a pleasant way to stay on track.”

Listen to her story to find out how MealEnders helped Trinity and her family battle through weak moments to develop healthier eating habits.*

*Individual Results May Vary