Customer Success Stories

Success Story: Stop Stress Eating

How Stephanie Took Control in Hectic Times

By MealEnders
May 21, 2016




Growing up, Stephanie always seemed to struggle with her weight.

“I’ve battled weight my whole life,” she says. “I was stereotyped as the fat twin and at one point, I got up to 210+ pounds.”

After years of trying “everything you can imagine,” Stephanie saw a MealEnders advertisement on social media. She thought that the product looked interesting, the testimonials seemed positive, and the price was reasonable—so she decided to give MealEnders a try. And alas, it was love at first taste.

“When I first tried them, I couldn’t believe my taste buds,” she says. “I savored the flavor from the creamy rich outer layer to the flavorful lozenge. Not only are they delicious, but they prevent me from having the munchies.”

During the day, Stephanie works as a shipping clerk, constantly dealing with tight deadlines and high stress situations. She often found herself snacking on a lot of food that she didn’t want to be eating. But after finding MealEnders, she’s seeing a deviation from these less-than-satisfactory habits.

“I have a hectic schedule, and have been enjoying these instead of binging on junk food,” she says. “It helps me stop myself from excessive snacking!”

She’s also a self-described sugar addict. Normally, it would be hard for her to stay away from sugary snacks, especially after a meal. Since finding MealEnders, she’s been able to overcome dessert cravings and resist snacking.*

“MealEnders have been my little crutch for an after-meal dessert, as well as my go-to snack instead of running to a vending machine (which is right outside my office!),” she says. “It actually prevents my naughty side from taking over; and helps me overcome the temptation to stress eat.”

Plus, with four flavors to choose from, Stephanie found a way to mix it up. Rather than sticking with a single favorite, she likes to go with something different depending on her mood and the time of day.

“Cinnamon and Mocha are my morning and daytime love affairs,” she explains. “After work, I lean on the Citrus as a flavor mood boost to push me after an exhausting day.

Stephanie’s MealEnders are always within arm’s reach—ensuring that they’re around to help her through her weak points during the day, whether those happen at work or while she’s on the go.

“I keep a bag in my desk drawer at work and I incorporate it into my lunch,” she says. “I also keep them accessible and near other food in my kitchen. I don’t carry a purse, but when I go out and about, I’ve been making it a habit to snag a few to take with me!”

And as someone with a sweet tooth, Stephanie’s finding MealEnders to be a wonderful alternative to her sugary indulgences.

“I pop one of these delectable pieces in and it keeps me very satisfied,” She says. “The key is to definitely savor them and not to crunch them like candy.”

But most importantly, to Stephanie, MealEnders are more than simply a tool to prevent overeating. They’re a key element in Stephanie’s happy, healthy lifestyle, and a concrete reminder of her progress.

“MealEnders get me through the day,” she says. “They help remind me how far I’ve come.”

*Individual Results May Vary