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Success Story: Learning to Prioritize Health

How Lisa Rescued her Health for the Sake of her Family

By MealEnders
January 02, 2016

A few years ago, Lisa had a decision to make. Between asthma and a family history of heart disease, she knew that she needed to either prioritize her health, or face the consequences. So in the interest of her family, friends, and future self, Lisa took steps to get in shape.


Since then, she’s lost 130 lbs naturally with clean eating and frequent healthy meals and snacks–her strategy was to deliver a steady stream of sustenance to her body to prevent her from overeating come mealtime.

But soon, Lisa saw her weight starting to plateau. She looked for new ways to drop pounds and happened upon MealEnders on Facebook. So far, she’s lost 16 pounds* since she added MealEnders to her weight loss arsenal three months ago.

“I used to snack and feel hungrier. I craved sweets,” Lisa says. “Now, I’ll just use MealEnders during the day when I feel hungry.”

Like all of us, Lisa had her particularly weak points during the day.

“I used to snack midday, at night, and in between meals,” Lisa told us. “But MealEnders clears my appetite, so I no longer feel the need to snack.”

All in all, Lisa’s found that MealEnders have helped her fight cravings and stick with her healthy eating strategy.

“They work for me. I’m a nanny and the kids always have snacks in the cupboard. I eat a lozenge instead and it just stops my cravings immediately.”*

*Individual Results May Vary