Customer Success Stories

Success Story: Gail Stops her Sugar Cravings

By MealEnders
November 06, 2018


Gail, a retired administrative assistant, has always had a major sweet tooth and has struggled to stop sugar cravings. A few small pieces of chocolate or one cookie never seemed to be enough. Once she started indulging, it became hard for her to stop. Not surprisingly, this habit caused her to gain unwanted extra weight. Because of this, for as long as she can remember, Gail has been looking for a way to tame  to her sweet tooth.

Gail tried almost everything to stop her sugar cravings and lose weight. She joined Weight Watchers twice and attended Overeaters Anonymous meetings. Gail also purchased books related to weight loss, specifically those that preach the evils of sugar. One of these books led her to begin a “no white” diet, in which she eliminated all white foods such as sugar and white flour. She’s even sought spiritual support, incorporating inspirational and informative religious tapes into her lifestyle. Although she had success with some of these plans, losing as much as 30 pounds at times, her sweet tooth always prevailed in the end, causing her to give up the diets and regain the weight.

Then, when Gail thought she was out of options, she came across an online advertisement for MealEnders. She was immediately attracted to the idea that the product was made to help people who craved a sweet treat after a meal. Finally she found something that could help her stop those sugar cravings.

After ordering MealEnders and trying them out, Gail knew she had made the right choice for her body and her health. After meals, Gail made herself choose the MealEnder over other sweets. Although it was a bit challenging at first, it soon became her new habit. Gail now enjoys MealEnders after lunch and dinner, and sometimes even between meals. She keeps her MealEnders in a candy dish at home and a few in her purse for easy access. This way, whenever she feels a sweet craving coming on, she can just pop one in her mouth.

MealEnders has given Gail the opportunity to overcome her sweet tooth and stop her sugar cravings once and for all. She now is able to limit her, once, daily indulgences to only special occasions. The product has even helped her to cut down on wine by quieting that craving too.

In addition to MealEnders, Gail has focused on mindful eating and calorie counting to control her portion sizes. MealEnders has supported these new habits by controlling her sweet tooth and preventing her from overeating. As Gail explains it, MealEnders simply “put a period on my hunger”.

MealEnders combined with healthy eating patterns, has helped Gail to lose a total of 19 pounds. More importantly, Gail has been able to keep the weight off this time!

*Individual Results May Vary