Customer Success Stories

Success Story: Steadying Fluctuating Weight

How Changing Dessert Habits Stabilized Janet's Scale

By MealEnders
November 17, 2016

Success Story: Janet

“People, I am the queen of dieting, eating healthy and finding innovative ways to control what I put in my body, and I’m here to tell you, these work. I pop one in my mouth after dinner when I want dessert. My craving flees and I don’t think about it again. I will keep these in stock.”

Janet Michelle has lived her entire life in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex area. She leads a busy life with a jam-packed schedule without much room for breaks from her routine. Apart from doing contract accounting work from her home, Janet is also a real estate investor and in the process of building an express car wash. When she does have a free minute, Janet likes to spend her time playing golf.

A typical day for Janet starts at 4:30AM, when she helps her husband get to work before she gets herself to the gym. Her workout consists of 15 minutes of weight training and 20-40 minutes of cardio (depending on how she’s feeling). Despite her dedicated exercise regime, Janet still struggled with that last 5-10 lbs that seemed to come and go as it pleased. She tried countless diets, from Nutrisystem to the HCG diet, and could not get off this weight teeter-totter. Though Janet is not overweight, these extra few pounds took a toll on her self-esteem and impacted how she felt in her daily life. Finding stability at her target weight felt critical to her.

For the past five years, Janet has been extremely conscientious about what she eats and how it affects her body. She discovered that her “broken metabolism” makes it (almost too) easy to gain weight; “sometimes I will put on 5 lbs in one meal that won’t go away. I’m still trying to figure out the root of that, but I’m pretty sure it is an overdose of sugar.” She constantly struggles to overcome her weakness of craving dessert after feeling unsatisfied from her dinner, especially since she counts calories and tends to use up her allotment by the time she finishes dinner; “I needed something to officially end my meal that wasn’t heavy and over my calorie limit.”

Janet turned to MealEnders to help her tame her sweet tooth and steer clear of desserts. She was looking for something that would cap off her meal and put an end to her sweet craving at the same time, which she assumed “MealEnders” would do, based on their name. Because her sweet tooth loves chocolate, she decided to order Chocolate Mint as her first flavor of MealEnders. Lo and behold, they did exactly what their name implied. One lozenge satisfies her sweets craving and keeps her from going for high-calorie foods after dinner.*

These little lozenges were just the tool Janet needed; they were “small, tasty, and perfectly satisfying.” At just 15 calories a lozenge, Janet could indulge her need for dessert without fear of going overboard on calories at the end of the day. In no time at all, MealEnders became part of Janet’s dinner routine; “Like dessert, [having a lozenge] is automatic after dinner.”

Besides using MealEnders as her go-to dessert, Janet will use them during the day if she’s hankering for a little something between meals, but doesn’t have the calorie allowance for a typical snack. Before MealEnders, when Janet would have a food craving, she would either eat something that wasn’t on her meal plan, or use her willpower to ignore it (which we all know is not the easiest thing to do). Now, Janet can have a MealEnder to put her food craving to rest until her next eating period, freeing her from the battle between indulgence and restraint.

Since first trying out the lozenges, Janet has come to use MealEnders almost every single day. She’s slowly started to recognize the feeling of fullness after a meal that, prior to using MealEnders, was suppressed by her dessert cravings. Janet says it’s almost like her body now realizes that it’s time to stop even though her mouth is ready for more. After using the lozenges for only 30 days, Janet noticed that her weight became unusually stable. But since she started to incorporate MealEnders into her eating routine, the scale has steadied, relieving Janet of the interminable yo-yoing effect that has frustrated her for so long.*

Janet suggests to others trying to develop equally strong habits to be disciplined when it comes to using MealEnders. She believes that recognizing weak points and using MealEnders regularly to strengthen those points will make the difference when it comes to being a healthier version of yourself. She advises to discover what works best for you, then make a routine of it for lifelong success.

*Individual Results May Vary