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Success Story: Ending Candy Cravings

How Melissa Stopped Derailing Her Diet with Dessert

By MealEnders
September 17, 2016

Melissa M. Customer Success Story

“Just got mine last week and they actually work. I take them after dinner to stop the candy consumption. I can hardly believe it but I enjoy one MealEnder and I don’t have any candy after that. It is an interesting taste sensation. The first part is satisfying and creamy and then you get to the hard center that is kind of tingly. It’s kind of like it cleanses your palette and then you don’t want to eat anymore.* The formula is ingenious.”  – Melissa McMurray McCartie, Facebook

Melissa McMurray McCartie is an Executive Search consultant in Webster Groves, MO, a suburb of St. Louis. She is married with two children, both boys, aged 12 and 15. On the side, Melissa runs an educational consulting business whose aim is to help kids and families navigate the challenges of screens and social media.

Like so many others, Melissa had a habit of craving candy or chocolate after dinner, despite her best efforts to follow a healthy diet during the day.

“Post meal candy or dessert is a weakness. It’s the one area I have the most trouble. I can eat healthy all day and then sabotage myself with too many calories after dinner.”

After hearing about MealEnders through an ad on Facebook, Melissa was intrigued first by the name of the product and the concept of using the lozenges to bring closure to a meal. She then researched more about MealEnders to see if they could help her move past the post-meal candy cravings. Upon reading (and loving) the description of how MealEnders work, Melissa decided to battle her dessert weakness and placed an order.

When the package arrived on her doorstep, Melissa was eager to try them. After having a MealEnder, she was pleasantly surprised by how tasty, yet still satisfying, they were.

“The creamy, rich outer layer met my needs for something sweet and delicious after dinner but when I got to the tingly hard candy center it shifted into a different sensation that made me not want anything after the one piece…[MealEnders] truly work as described.”*

Incorporating MealEnders into her daily life has been a creative process for Melissa to test herself. Instead of removing the candy, chocolate, and sweets, Melissa has introduced the MealEnders.

“I decided to outsmart myself and I put my bags of MealEnders on the top in my candy drawer. I haven’t thrown the candy away yet because I wanted to test my resilience.”

So far, MealEnders have been adequately addressing Melissa’s sweet cravings to the point where she hasn’t even reached for “a single piece of candy after having one [MealEnder].”* That’s how well they are working for her!

Fitting MealEnders into your daily life is easy, and Melissa suggests keeping some nearby to make the integration process seamless.

“Depending on how you want to use them, I recommend keeping them handy. Carry some in your purse and put them in a candy drawer if you have one.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that MealEnders aren’t just a weight management tool. They have a delicious outer chocolate layer that is meant to address, not ignore, your cravings. Melissa views MealEnders this way which helps her stick with using them. She enjoys the variety of flavors, though her favorite is Mocha. The key difference between MealEnders and candy are that she can enjoy just one lozenge without over doing it like she did with candy.

“I view [MealEnders] as a treat and enjoy them… So far I have used them to stop the after dinner craving for chocolate or candy which I can over indulge in. [That] is the one thing that really derails my healthy eating plan… I now use MealEnders to break this cycle and they work!”*

*Individual Results May Vary