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Success Story: Eating Healthfully on a Busy Schedule

How Janet Overcame the Need for Dessert and Other Temptations

By MealEnders
May 30, 2017

Success Story: Eating Healthfully on a Busy Schedule

Janet is a property manager in Queens, NY; each day, she’s up at 5:30AM to feed her four cats and then heads off to work to manage an 898-unit cooperative complex. Because of her busy and inconsistent schedule, her meals and snacks tend to be all over the place, which sometimes leads her to choose the more convenient, but less healthy, option.

For years, Janet has also struggled with a sweet tooth, which might be one reason why her weight has yo-yoed up and down. While she considers herself to be fit–she does have a consistent exercise schedule–she just hasn’t been able to reach her weight loss and health goals. Because of her struggles, Janet was interested in finding a tool that would help improve her eating habits.

“I always felt that there should be some sort of product that you can eat as a “dessert” that also signals ‘it’s time to stop eating.’ I went looking for that product online, and I found MealEnders.”

Janet found that in addition to helping to control her sweet tooth, adding MealEnders to her routine has helped her establish more discipline in the rest of her eating habits. A lack of motivation to plan or make healthy meals was a particularly big obstacle for Janet.

“If I’m tired and I don’t have the time or motivation to plan healthy meals or snacks, I usually just end up grabbing whatever is convenient, which ends up being less healthy. I usually feel like I have to eat something sweet to signal that I’m done, but of course I know that that extra bit of dessert is not going to help me in limiting calories. MealEnders are now my something sweet–they keep me from reaching for seconds or some type of dessert.”

Now, knowing that she has a MealEnder–something she can always look forward to at the end of the meal–she finds that she has a better overall sense of control over her eating habits in general, which motivates her to plan ahead for healthier meals.

One of Janet’s favorite things about MealEnders is that each one has only 15 calories–far less than most desserts.  “We had a ton of home baked treats and chocolates at work [during the holidays], which were super tempting. But having my favorite flavor of MealEnders–the Chocolate Mint–nearby worked really well to quell my cravings for all of those tempting foods (especially the chocolate!). With MealEnders, I’m only putting 15 calories into my body instead of 100 or 200.”

Janet relies on MealEnders at night–”they seem to stop me from reaching for that ‘second dinner’ or high calorie dessert.” She also enjoys them in the afternoon–when she hits a wall at work–instead of reaching for another snack.

When Janet found MealEnders, she initially thought it would be a tool to help control her sweet tooth–a small, albeit important, goal in her weight loss efforts. But she found that MealEnders also helped motivate her to stop eating before she crossed into overeating, empowering her to improve her eating habits overall. Now, the motivation and discipline Janet enjoys as a devoted MealEnders customer has helped her drop 15 pounds since October of 2016–and she also feels stronger and less tired.*

*Individual Results May Vary