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Success Story: Controlling Cravings

How MealEnders Helped Sandra Stop Snacking out of Boredom

By MealEnders
April 27, 2016

After Sandra Wilson retired three years ago, it wasn’t long before she noticed how the changes to her daily routine affected her health. Following her 55-year career as a registered nurse, she found that the difference in her level of activity made a difference in her weight.

While she makes sure to engage in low-impact exercise on a regular basis at Curves, working kept her mind busy even when her body wasn’t.

“When I was working, I wasn’t bored–so I didn’t eat as much,” she says. “Work affected my hunger levels by preventing me from eating out of boredom.”

Though she enjoyed the perks of retirement–such as the time to get involved in her Methodist Church–she recognized that the extra down time had caused her to put on some pounds.

Plus, she figured that her daily eating routine wasn’t helping her weight.

“I’m not a good breakfast eater,” she says. “My appetite doesn’t wake up for two or three hours after I do, and I always crave an evening snack.”

So when she saw an ad for MealEnders on Facebook, she thought that they might just be what she needed to help her cut down on her snacking.

Now, after using them for two months, Sandra’s finding them to be a helpful tool to limit her tendency to eat out of boredom and snack in the evening–she’s even lost a few pounds as a result.*

“MealEnders helped me control my appetite and satisfy my cravings,” she says. “I still have to have that evening snack. But now, I can use MealEnders for that.”

*Individual Results May Vary