Customer Success Stories

Success Story: Changing Lifelong Habits

How Sandra Overcame her Battle with After-Dinner Snacking*

By MealEnders
October 17, 2016


[MealEnders] is definitely a great alternative to overeating. I have been a night and middle of the night snacker which was causing 40 pounds of excess weight gain. I am already losing weight just using them in the evenings! Thank you MealEnders for helping me overcome this problem and start the journey to getting my body back to a healthy weight.”*


In East Waterboro, Maine, Sandra Sirois Effler starts her day at the local hospital where she works as an onsite eligibility representative. Once she’s finished taking care of patients in the afternoon, she heads home to take care of her foster kitten and three pugs, and then prepares her dinner.

The trips to the kitchen don’t stop at dinnertime, though. Sandra typically goes for an evening snack following dinner, plus additional snacks throughout the night. She thinks ofthese moments when she reaches for junk food as her weak points. This has been a lifelong habit of Sandra’s, starting when she was a child. She could never quite shake her nighttime snacking; that is, until she found MealEnders.

After a Facebook ad for MealEnders caught Sandra’s eye, she decided to see what others were saying about their experiences using the lozenges. She read through the comments section and saw that person after person was sharing positive reactions to MealEnders. The low 15 calorie count of each lozenge sealed the deal for Sandra, and she decided to give MealEnders a try for herself.

When Sandra received her first package of MealEnders, she was hopeful that they would work for her. She had already tried other diet programs and plans such as Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, as well as an exercise regime. However, Sandra didn’t like having to eat the pre-packaged foods required by the diet programs, and she found that she didn’t get the sustainable results and habits she wanted.

Just one Chocolate Mint Lozenge, and Sandra was immediately impressed with the taste of the chocolate outer coating and the fresh feeling the hard center left in her mouth. She started to faithfully use MealEnders to help her beat her evening munchies. Sandra’s replaced all after-dinner, evening, and nighttime eating with a MealEnder, and if she finds herself craving another bit of food, she will have a second or third lozenge until the craving subsides. This single habit change has helped Sandra drop 15lbs in over five weeks, creating a lifestyle change that she is sure to stick with.*

But why did this one switch in Sandra’s diet have such an impact when other diets didn’t have the same effect? Sandra says she feels MealEnders targeted the one habit that was most responsible for her weight gain. While other programs had Sandra change the foods she was eating, MealEnders allow her to eat her favorite foods without having to change major parts of her diet (just her snacking).

Sandra says, “It’s like I was able to identify the problem and address it successfully with a low calorie, great tasting MealEnders treat!” And since Sandra only needs one, sometimes two, lozenges to feel satisfied, she loves that she saves herself from eating several hundred additional calories, like she did before she found MealEnders.*

Since MealEnders have been easy to fit into her lifestyle, Sandra knows she won’t go back to nighttime snacking. She keeps a small bowl next to her bed exclusively for MealEnders, and when that craving comes around, she pops a lozenge in her mouth and immediately stops her evening snack attack.*

Her advice for others is to give MealEnders a try, since “You have nothing to lose except [extra] calories.”  To make MealEnders work to their best ability, Sandra suggests always keeping a few lozenges on your person, so you can turn to a MealEnder instead of empty calories from junk food whenever needed. Her final word of sage advice is one that helped her find success: “Identify what your weakness(es) is/are and replace them with an alternative, [healthy] habit such as MealEnders.” As Sandra demonstrates with her story, finding out what’s holding you back from reaching your goals is what will open up the doors to success.

*Individual Results May Vary