Customer Success Stories

Success Story: Changing Habits

How Monica Took Small Steps To Take Back Her Life

By MealEnders
June 20, 2016

When Monica was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, she knew that something needed to be done about her weight.

After seeing MealEnders on Facebook, Monica’s curiosity led her to the MealEnders website where she decided to take the plunge and ordered her first bag.

“It tasted better than expected.  I knew to expect the tingling sensation, so I was ready for that.  The most surprising thing is that it actually worked.”*



After an early morning wake-up, Monica has a jam-packed day of taking care of her son and working as a loan officer. Finally around 9:00PM, she gets to wind down and decompress: “That’s when I want to snack and fall asleep.”  She makes sure to keep MealEnders next to her bed to combat late night cravings, as well as in her purse and her desk at work for the daytime.

“I work at a very busy credit union.  We have candy for our members all over the office.  I am a candy addict, so it’s hard not to eat candy on-the-go while I am running around the office working,” she says.

A major reason why Monica decided to try MealEnders is because of her close working quarters and the preference for privacy when it comes to managing her weight.

“I like that [MealEnders] are small and look like a candy.  I don’t have to explain to people that I am on a diet or anything.  It’s my business.  With MealEnders, I just pop it in my mouth when I feel like I need it.”

Another habit of Monica’s that negatively affected her was boredom eating.  Even when she wasn’t hungry, Monica found herself snacking simply because food was in reach.

“[MealEnders] almost sounded too good to be true.  I don’t need an appetite suppressant because I don’t always eat because I’m hungry.  I needed something to just make me not want to eat that extra food.”

Monica’s main tip for others who are dieting is simple but powerful: “Keep with it. Don’t give up.”  Like so many others, Monica gets discouraged when thinking about the total amount of weight she wants to lose. Sometimes, it feels impossible to accomplish, but by acknowledging the small successes, Monica’s weight loss goals become that much more achievable.  

“If I can lose 20-30 pounds, I know I will feel so much better.  The trick for me is to celebrate every half pound that I lose instead of looking at an enormous goal of 30 pounds.”

Once Monica lost a little bit of weight from her efforts to avoid snacking during moments of temptation, she became encouraged to persevere through the hard times and stick with her diet.

“It makes me want to try harder.  I’ve been using [MealEnders] for about a month and a half, and, as of this morning, [I’ve]  lost 7 1/2 pounds.*  That doesn’t sound like much, but I haven’t been this weight in a long time, and it feels like I climbed a mountain!  It won’t happen overnight, but stick with it, and it WILL happen.”

*Individual Results May Vary