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Success Story: Breaking the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

How MealEnders Help Keep Karin Looking & Feeling Great on Camera

By MealEnders
March 20, 2017


Karin Ledl is certainly busy: in addition to her job as a journalist and TV host on two stations in Uruguay, she also has published a self-help book, writes a relationship advice column, and practices as a relationship coach. Like many other career-driven women, Karin’s constantly changing schedule and travel can make it difficult to eat healthfully all of the time—and when she’s stressed or simply too busy to sit down to a healthy meal, cravings like chocolate chip cookies and cheese often get the best of her.

Because of her in-the-spotlight job, it’s especially important for Karin to look and feel her best. Over the years, she’s tried plenty of diets—from paleo to the soup diet—whenever she’s needed to shed a few pounds. But she notes that all of those diets have missed one crucial point: they don’t address “that dangerous moment when you hear the siren song of the cookie and your willpower is no longer there!”

We spoke with Karin about how she has successfully integrated MealEnders into her eating routine and how they’ve been particularly helpful as a craving-busting tool.


Q: How did you come to find out about MealEnders and what made you decide to give them a try?

A: I saw an ad for a similar product in a magazine and went to Amazon to buy it—then I saw yours as a recommended product and I purchased both. The other product didn’t seem to help me much, but I loved MealEnders.


Q: What were your past dieting and weight loss struggles, and how have MealEnders helped you overcome those struggles?

A: MealEnders help me feel like I am indulging, when calorie-wise, I am really not doing so much damage. And when I do have a craving, I always reach for a MealEnder first—and usually the craving is taken care of.


Q: What are your specific challenges when it comes to overeating, snacking, or dieting? How have MealEnders helped you address those challenges?

A: When I am particularly stressed during my job, or flying overseas and have access to amazing buffets, a MealEnder reminds me of my ultimate goal. It takes away that feeling of missing out if I don’t have that last piece of cheese. I feel like with MealEnders, I have control over my eating habits again.


Q: Tell us why MealEnders have been the right choice for you compared to other tools or methods that haven’t been as helpful.

A: Other products just don’t seem to satisfy me both physiologically and psychologically. I think that’s because MealEnders have that sweet chocolate coating that not only tastes amazing but gives you the feeling that you’re really indulging. Once you know that you can have something delicious—and that you don’t always have to deny yourself everything that tastes great—you feel more at peace with your food choices. There is no forbidden food for me anymore; I just have a MealEnder before deciding if I really need one more cookie. Most of the time, the answer is no, and I am satisfied with just a MealEnder.


Q: Tell us how you incorporate MealEnders into your daily life.

A: I love all the flavors, but especially the chocolate mint and cinnamon ones. I always carry a few in my purse, and I also keep some in a dish by my bedside—that really helps with the midnight snacking! If I wake up and am hungry, I eat one by my bedside and fall back asleep. I really don’t limit myself to a specific number; I just eat one when I feel a craving or the desire for something delicious, regardless of whether it’s midday or midnight. I usually have three or four per day.


Q: How would you describe MealEnders to a friend? And what tips or words of advice would you offer about using MealEnders successfully?

A: I would say MealEnders are a great way to indulge without regrets. They give you back control over your food choices—they help contain cravings and give you the mindset that perhaps you don’t need that cookie you’re craving. Some of my food triggers even lost their allure once I started getting used to having a MealEnder before making a food choice. Every time I’m in the USA, I stock up to have enough to last me. There’s only one downside: they taste so good that my boyfriend steals them from my purse all the time!

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