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Success Story: Staying on Track with Weight Watchers

How Sheryl Maintained her Healthy Lifestyle Through Trying Times

By MealEnders
March 08, 2016


When Sheryl saw a MealEnders ad on Facebook, she thought it was just a gimmick. She read through the ingredients and couldn’t see how these little lozenges differed from the average candy.

But ultimately, she decided to give MealEnders a try; after all, she had nothing to lose. And she’s finding that though the ingredients may look like those of a candy, the effect couldn’t be more different.

“[After I use MealEnders] I forget that I was craving a sweet,” she says. “All of a sudden, it’s two hours later and I realize that I completely forgot about my craving.”

Like many of us, this is not Sheryl’s first time at the rodeo. She’s tried dieting before and knows that maintaining healthy habits can be a struggle. Now, after three months of using MealEnders alongside Weight Watchers, Sheryl is seeing firsthand how they help her stay on track with her diet and minimize her setbacks.

“I’ve found that even when I was not dieting, I still grabbed for a Chocolate Mint [MealEnder] instead of cake or ice cream,” she says. “MealEnders help me not undo the good I did.”

Parties and social situations can be dangerous territory for those watching their weight. Often, dessert spreads tempt us to forgo our healthy lifestyle for a piece of sugary goodness. But with her secret weapon, Sheryl found these situations much less trying.

“I [went to a social gathering] with all kinds of goodies and food,” she recalls. “I ate a MealEnder on the way inside, and the goodies didn’t bother me.”

When she’s not out socializing, Sheryl spends her days juggling four jobs, often running from place to place with little time to eat.

But with 70 pounds to lose, she makes health a priority. She fills up on lean meats, like chicken and turkey, and lots of fruit smoothies. She’s finding MealEnders to be a simple and effective addition to her weight management plan.*

“I have a candy dish filled with MealEnders on my desk at work and I always have them in my purse… that is, until I give them away for people to try!”

*Individual Results May Vary