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I Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself!

By Mark Bernstein
July 03, 2017

reviews on mealenders
Mark Bernstein, Founder & CEO of MealEnders, pitching to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank.

When MealEnders was just a rough concept that came to me after a routine doctor’s visit, I never would have imagined what it would become. Since our start two years ago, the community that has blossomed around MealEnders continues to amaze me. We’ve received such an outpouring of support from not only users, but also journalists, bloggers, dietitians, and other health professionals. It’s this community that drives our team to continue working hard to help even more people surpass their healthy eating goals.

Of course, it also never crossed my mind that I would have the opportunity to pitch MealEnders to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. And thanks to our Shark Tank appearance, we’ve garnered attention from the likes of Huffington Post, Forbes,, and Heavy, taking us that much closer to realizing our dream of making MealEnders a household name and a go-to dietary aid.

All this publicity, and the great word-of-mouth from our amazing customers and advocates, have helped us reach over 90,000 customers! So I thought it would be fun to put together a recap of what makes MealEnders so uniquely effective in the words of some of the most renowned nutrition, food, and fitness experts. (We are so grateful for these complimentary and well-crafted comments about MealEnders–we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!)

1. Sugar cravings are often the first challenge to contend with when you start your weight loss journey; but thanks to MealEnders, you no longer need to ditch dessert entirely.

“Dubbed ‘The Antidote to Overeating,’ these 15-calorie treats have two layers: a dessert-y one to satisfy your sweet tooth, followed by a tingly core to distract your brain from wanting seconds. Verrry interesting. In flavors like Cinnamon and Chocolate Mint, they’re actually really tasty…” – Hungry Girl

“With every birthday, my waistline expands a little bit more. I know if I can change this one thing, the payoff will be worth it, but how to do it without feeling deprived?  I’ve been testing this new weight management product ­– MealEnders – as a low calorie dessert option. I like they way they make your tongue tingle – and they taste great.” – Laura Leigh Goyer, The Culinary Travel Guide

reviews on mealenders

2. The signature cooling, tingling effect of MealEnders’ inner core works to physically and mentally signal that eating is over.

“The taste the lozenges leave behind in your mouth makes me think of that just-brushed effect, so I can see this being a method to help keep people from taking that next bite they don’t need. It’s also smart to coat it in something dessert-like because each flavor is really good and it does give you that “something sweet” you crave after consuming savory foods. Overall, I give it two thumbs up.” – Brittany Burhop Fallon, New Beauty

3. Using MealEnders is extraordinarily simple–just savor one when you need a boost of willpower to avoid unnecessary eating.

We popped one after a recent steak dinner and it did indeed curb our urge to go back for more.” – Weight Watchers magazine

4. MealEnders occupy mouth and mind, helping you avoid habitual grazing or giving in to junk food temptations.

“I truly enjoyed them and think it’s an awesome product for people who find themselves eating late at night on the couch, or eating too many cookies after dinner.” – Jessica Grace, Jessica Grace Fitness

5. Repeated use of MealEnders forms new habits that help you regain control over your eating, even when your eating habits are driven by psychological reasons.

“I’ve come to realize recently that I’m an emotional eater. It doesn’t matter how full I feel or how recently I just ate, if I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed my first reaction it to grab something to eat. There are, however, those times when I feel the “I’m full” signal but I’m just stressed and want a scoop of ice cream. That’s when I pop a lozenge in, sit back, not chew, and savor it.” –  Jami, Seeing Dandy

“I like the idea of having something that gives you something a little sweet, slows you down and gives you that ritual of signaling that you are done eating before you overeat.”Keri Gans, RDN, Men’s Fitness

6. MealEnders is a tool that helps you tap into a more mindful relationship with food by reminding you to check in with yourself about your actual hunger levels and reasons for wanting that extra helping or snack.

“Bottom line: MealEnders are low in calories and contain no drugs or stimulants. They simply offer a flavor combination, that when used regularly, could help a person relearn the feeling of satisfaction after eating and may help curtail overeating.” – Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN, Health News Digest

Overall, I think that MealEnders are a great tool to incorporate into a mindful eating practice as most of the time we aren’t aware we are too full until we’ve had one too many bites.  MealEnders are also a great way to stay on track with your goals as they utilize both food science and behavioral psychology to help avoid overeating and aid in portion control!” – Annmarie, Fit Foodie Mama

Finally, I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to all our customers who have helped MealEnders grow to where we are today. This supportive community is getting stronger every day thanks to you. We can’t wait to see where we will be two years from now!



Mark Bernstein
Founder & CEO of MealEnders


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