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Hungry Girl Meets MealEnders

By MealEnders
March 02, 2015

We’re honored to be featured in Hungry Girl’s newsletter today in The Buzz section! To express our gratitude, we’re offering 25% off between now and Friday, March 6. Just enter the code HungryGirl25 at checkout!  

You can see the coverage, here: 

(Just scroll down to The Buzz…)

If you’d rather not click on the link, here’s the MealEnders excerpt:

Does your appetite keep asking for more even after your stomach’s had enough? You might wanna reach for MealEndersDubbed “The Antidote to Overeating,” these 15-calorie treats have two layers: a dessert-y one to satisfy your sweet tooth, followed by a tingly core to distract your brain from wanting seconds. Verrry interesting. In flavors like Cinnamon and Chocolate Mint, they’re actually really tasty…

As always, we love hearing from you so feel free to let us know how MealEnders are working for you…

Together we can win the battle against overeating!


The MealEnders Team 

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