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Success Story: How Rona Used MealEnders to Succeed with Weight Watchers

By MealEnders
March 29, 2018


Rona has been an emotional eater since college. To fight her addiction to sweets as a comfort food, she’s been on and off Weight Watchers for most of her life.

Stress from work has been the biggest challenge and trigger for Rona in recent years. Almost every afternoon, Rona would reach for ice cream or chocolate and eat her worries away in front of her computer.

A couple of years ago, Rona discovered MealEnders and was finally able to regain control. Instead of a sugary snack in the afternoon or a rich dessert after dinner, she now takes 2 or 3 MealEnders to satisfy and stop cravings in their tracks.

Chocolate Mint is her go-to flavor because it fulfills her need for chocolate. “The minute you put a lozenge in your mouth… you’ll taste the sweetness and it lingers in your mouth, and then you’ll have a minty flavor at the end. And you’ll feel satisfied; you’ll feel like you’re not deprived.”

Rona found that MealEnders really help her stick to her Weight Watchers diet. “When you’re done with it, you have this tingle on your tongue that goes to your brain that’s saying… I’m really not that hungry; I really don’t want that other dessert.” She explains, “MealEnders has changed the way I eat.”

That MealEnders are only 15 calories per lozenge is a major plus for Rona. While she still gets stressed around 2pm every day when her customers are clamoring for answers, she can now turn to MealEnders. “They’re only 15 calories a lozenge and it doesn’t take away a point from me.”

The results during her first year of using MealEnders speak for themselves: “I’ve lost about 60 lbs. with Weight Watchers… this is a lifelong goal… it’s not a month, 2 months, 6 months. It’s a change in my life that I’m making.”

Not only was that last round with Weight Watchers Rona’s most successful ever, but over a year later, Rona had still kept her weight off… a true triumph for her!

*Individual Results May Vary