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Success Story: Persevering Through the Weight Loss Journey

How Leslie Took Control of her Weight After Tumultuous Times

By MealEnders
August 21, 2017

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If taking care of her two grandchildren isn’t enough to keep her on her toes, Leslie stays active by gardening and swimming daily. However, despite her full schedule, the Washington state native continues to battles with her weight. This has been a lifelong struggle that has had its ups and downs.

After trying everything to lose weight, Leslie got the opportunity to undergo the Lap Band surgery. Leslie was finally able to shed her extra weight and was overjoyed with her new body and improved health. Unfortunately, the success was short lived, After battling a long stressful event, Leslie started to develop stomach issues that lead to her having to loosen her Lap Band, causing her weight to go back up.

Over time, Leslie’s stomach issues were resolved and she was able to have her lap band partially tightened. But despite trying out various diets, Leslie found that her evening cravings for sweets were holding her back from realizing her goal. Between dinner and bedtime, Leslie’s desire for dessert would gnaw at her while she was indulging in a bit of R&R after long days of taking care of her granddaughter.

Leslie tried chewing gum to fill the void of dessert and combat her cravings, but found that gum lost its flavor almost instantly, plus the copious chewing irritated her jaw. Leslie was on the lookout for a different tool that would satisfy her evening need for sweets while having a long-lasting (and delicious) flavor.

While browsing the Internet, an ad for MealEnders came up that instantly piqued Leslie’s interest. A chocolate coated lozenge with a long-lasting, tingly center? “The thought of a lasting mint that would actually leave a taste and feeling on my tongue was very intriguing to me.” Additionally, Leslie struggles with AFib (a condition characterized by an irregular heartbeat) so avoiding stimulants is a must. Learning that MealEnders use only food-based ingredients made Leslie that much more inclined to give the chocolate-coated lozenges a try.

When Leslie’s first order arrived, she was not disappointed. “I am a chocolate lover so the outer coating was so yummy. Once I got through the chocolate layer I enjoyed the mint flavor and it left a tingle-like feeling on my tongue [that] sticks around.” This last factor reminds Leslie that she’s already indulged in her chocolatey treat. Cravings over.

As Leslie incorporated MealEnders into her lifestyle, she found more moments to use them besides for her late night cravings that ultimately allowed her to get more enjoyment out of family activities. “I’ve had several days that I’ve used [a MealEnder] at times when I’m faced with a plate of doughnuts being enjoyed by family and I’m struggling to not indulge.”

Another moment of triumph was when Leslie treated her granddaughter to a Starbucks hot chocolate and cookie, but opted out of her regular order by popping a MealEnder in her mouth. “Let’s face it…there is no magic pill for hunger or cravings–but it is nice to have something that helps to just get you through that moment.”

Having a MealEnder during difficult times helps Leslie to take a minute and reflect, steering her towards her weight loss goals and away from impulsive food decisions. She acknowledges that there is no easy fix to lose weight and become healthier, but appreciates tools like MealEnders that make the journey a bit more bearable. Celebrating her victories, however small, Leslie is well on her way to achieving her goals, thanks to her “extra weapon,” MealEnders.


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