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Success Story: How Betsey Learned to Stop Binge Eating

By MealEnders
July 10, 2018

stop binge eating

Betsey, a retired school teacher, has struggled with her weight ever since childhood. She has been dieting ever since she can remember, but even when she stuck to her diet during the day, she couldn’t stop binge eating at night.  As a result, she never was able to reach her weight loss goals.

Wishing to look like her college peers, Betsey tried every fad diet in the book. She developed a pattern of shedding some pounds by depriving herself of her favorite foods, only to lose control of her intake and gain more weight back than she had lost. She struggled greatly with extreme cravings and a loss of control over her eating. This unfortunate routine lasted until very recently.

Dissatisfied with her pattern, Betsey decided to rejoin Weight Watchers in January of this past year. Around that same time, she came across an online ad for MealEnders. Although she had never tried any sort of diet aid product, Betsey decided to order a pack, hoping something would finally help her stick to the Weight Watchers program. She was intrigued by the product’s claim of providing an “off-switch” after she finished her meal, as well as the delicious dessert taste she always needed to feel satisfied.

Upon tasting her first MealEnder, Betsey was pleasantly surprised that the sweet outer covering was able to “soothe her sweets craving after a meal” and helped her stop binge eating. She kept a candy dish full of the lozenges in her den, and would take one at the end of her meals or whenever she had a craving or felt the need to eat for comfort.

Betsey rejoiced that “this little lozenge has allowed me to feel full for the first time in my life.” By mid-March, Betsey succeeded in losing 21 pounds, without feeling deprived, and credits her success to both MealEnders and Weight Watchers.

MealEnders has helped Betsey to stop binge eating and stay in control of her calorie intake, leading her to meet her lifestyle goals. Her story is a fantastic reminder to never give up, as it’s never too late to get healthy and feel great!

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