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8 Ways of Using Diet Teamwork to Shed Pounds and Stay Fit

By Tami Lyon, MPH, RD
July 20, 2016

diet teamwork

Only you can achieve your own weight loss goals, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Studies show that teaming up with friends can provide the support you need to stay on track with a diet and reach your goals. Here are some tips for building your winning team and boosting diet teamwork!

1) Make a commitment to exercise with a friend.  Sign up for an exercise class, share a trainer, or book a regular time for a walk together.

2) Find one or more friends who are committed to improving their diet, exercise habits and/or losing weight.  Share contact information so you can exchange weight loss tips and support one another on your journey. When struggling to find the motivation to exercise or to resist cravings, reach out to this circle of friends for support. They can help to keep you on track during challenging times and celebrate weight loss victories with you.

3) Join an online support community or use a weight loss app for inspiration and tracking.  Diet teamwork really comes in handy when you need just a little extra inspiration or motivation. Luckily, today there are a number of online communities and resources available to help get us going or keep us on track. For example, if you’re struggling to find time to work out, the The 7-Minute Workout app may be your ticket to success. This app provides 12 different interval workouts that can be streamed from your phone. You can sneak in an exercise session and get your heart pumping anytime that is convenient for you. Weight loss apps such as Lose It!, Diet Assistant: Weight Loss, Noom Coach, MyNetDiary Pro, and MyFitnessPal can also bolster your weight loss efforts.

4) Once a week, prepare healthy meals with one or more friends.  Rotate the responsibility of selecting one entrée and two side dishes to prepare. The weekly get-together to cook and meal prep can be a time of support and encouragement. Take advantage of the group setting to pre-portion the meals into single servings that can easily be taken to work or pulled from the fridge for a quick and delicious low calorie meal.

5) Keep a food log on your phone or with an app, and share it with a friend.  Be proactive and plan your meals in advance. This gives you the opportunity to utilize some diet teamwork in a fun and creative way. Reach out to friends for healthy recipe suggestions, tips on portion control, and any other advice or support you might need in challenging food situations.

6) Create an exercise calendar together with friends. Log your personal exercise plan, plus activities that you commit to do with friends and family. Schedule a weekly time to review how well the week’s events have gone and strategize on how to overcome challenges.

7) With friends, create a reward calendar to recognize eating, exercise and weight loss accomplishments.  Schedule non-food-related rewards such as massages, shopping trips, mani pedis or an afternoon movie to celebrate milestones along the way to achieving your health goals.

8) Put money on the line. Set an exercise or food related goal and create a money pot with your friends. Whoever reaches the goal first wins!


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